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Talking about the Vann Cabin to a Senior Citizen Group at the First Baptist Church of Lindale, GA.

Billy Abernathy and Mike Burton  had a great time talking about the Vann Cabin to a Senior Citizen Group —at First Baptist Church of Lindale, GA.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cave Spring Historical Society Newsletter: Great work day on cabin.

Cave Spring Historical Society Newsletter: Great work day on cabin.: Michael J. Burton Great work day on cabin. Terry lemons and Pete Mathis put more tin on the roof.  Edward Phillip Bentley...

Great work day on cabin.

Great work day on cabin. Terry lemons and Pete Mathis put more tin on the roof. Edward Phillip Bentley Steve craw and Billy W Abernathy took paneling out of cabin room and remove Tybek and plywood. Miles and Cody burton moved and stacked a couple thousand brick. Christine Lemons and Linda Hallmade sure we had coffee and water and raked and cleaned around the cabin. Our faithful deaf crew came and moved lumber, loaded bricks and pulled nails .
Thanks to Diane Conti, barbara Allred, John GrothDoyle Allbritton andAdonia K. Smith who is visiting from Maryland. Then curt arrived fresh and dismantled the hotel floors with Pete and Steve .anne Ann Montgomery ran errands and kept the folks hydrated.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Michael Burton and other CSHS members Visit New Echota

April 23, 2015 Michael Burton

I and several other CSHS members visited with  Ranger David Gomez at the site for over three hours. He is a most knowledgeable and informative scholar of this period of history and the structures involved in that time.

Close inspection of the various log structures at the site and information from the ranger led me to a number of conclusions that are subject to change, but which I believe will give us guidance in our reconstruction of the Avery Vann log cabin. A log structure very similar in size and design lends credence to the idea that this was part of a number of Trading post/Inn establishments built in the area about 25 miles apart which would have been a days ride. This structure had a much different form of dove tailing for the corner joints and was slightly smaller in width (16 feet versus 18 feet). It had a large rock chimney on the outside with keystone arch fireplaces. The logs were in much worse shape than the Vann house although they had been soaked in creosote before they were reassembled. The structure bulged considerably in the center and will require a threaded steel bolt to prevent collapse. Ceiling joist were exposed and at one point had been scabbed with pegs. 

There was no window glass in any of the log structures. They were small windows about 2’ x 3’ with shutters made out of rough cut lumber  as were the doors. Hinges were hand wrought steel strap hinges. The sills of all structures were made out of 12” x 12” sawed beams and it appears all structures were elevated higher above the ground than Vann cabin and had rock pillars cemented to look like stacked pillars. None of the other cabins had been water proofed except for the porch floors which had Thompson Water Seal applied. The houses were treated for termites.

Chinking has been an issue for us. Several cabins had no chinking. One was chinked with cement which had shrunk. Another had 1” x4” beveled boards covering the cracks on the inside.  Another was paneled with rough cut lumber of various dimensions.

The other big issue for us is the way our logs have been cut in various remodeling of the old hotel. The second floor east wall has a very large door and two large windows cut out of the logs. The window openings on the North and West sides  upstairs are larger than any windows at New Echota. The down stairs is much the same with the West wall cut up with a door. Only about  20 % of the logs in the South wall remain because that wall had been removed in order to build the brick chimney on the inside during the hotel period. Plus there is a door cut into the remaining logs. Very unstable structure.

The bottom floor of the Vann house “floats”. It is not connected to the walls properly. The Ranger had never heard of this and this may be an anomaly caused by replacing the floor or who knows?

The Inn had a steep stairs and stoop over the outside door. Everything had cedar shakes which were rated for 20 years. Black oak shakes have been know to last over 50 years but are hard to come by. 
.Cabin Interpretation

The cabin is to be reconstructed as a Vann Store/Inn that would have been used as a place to buy supplies while journeying and to spend the night in the model of the New Echota Vann Store/Inn. It will have two windows on the North, East and West  walls top and bottom with no glass panes, covered with rough wood shutters and approximately 3’ x 3’. There will be a front and rear door on the bottom floor and a rear door on the top floor. There will be a stair case to the door on the second floor with a stoop. There will be a front porch on the bottom East side. Hinges will be hand wrought steel. All roofs will be wooden shingles (Cedar shakes or hand made.) 

There will be a large stone chimney on the South wall with large fireplace constructed with a key stone arch.

Ceiling joist will be exposed hand hewed beams. I suggest we chink the walls with new cement/ rubber mix that would mimic a mud moss mix and would shrink and expand with the wood. Heat and air would be impractical and disruptive, but several hidden electrical outlets would facilitate the educational purposes (kiosk/hologram). Visitors to New Echota are down but I think Cave Spring could be a better draw if we had these bells and whistles.

The cabin needs to have new stone piers and new sills (12” x 12 “ beams). The logs that have been butchered in the past need to be replaced especially on the East Wall and the South Wall. They do this in New Echota by jacking up the upper logs and then putting in the replacement. Expensive with a construction crew. Can be done with volunteers but time consuming.

Radical idea:

If the cabin was moved 20 feet or so to the West it would allow for the building of new stone piers, the placement of new sills and the reconstruction of the large stone chimney. This would also greatly enhance the appearance of the cabin as there would be some green space at the front and room for a lovely porch. It would also give greater separation from the post and beam “Pavilion” that would present both structures in a better light. A new floor is required in the cabin because of the “floating nature” of the present floor. note: All log structures at New Echota were moved there.
Everyone should be looking for period furnishings: tables, chairs, lanterns etc.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

What a day for Cave Spring!

Almost 100 people showed up with tools and work gloves to be a part of the community event on April 11, 2015. Young and old, black and white, men and women, deaf and hearing were all willing to get dirty and scratched in the effort to reveal the Avery Vann Cherokee Log Cabin. First there was Gorg Hubenthal, Tripp Johnston, Eric Gresham and their friend scaling 40 foot ladders at 6:30 AM to the top of the structure in order to remove the old tin and the three large dormers. Lester Tierce and son, Jason, supplied their magic machine “The Lull” and expert operation to help the workers maneuver and to remove the roof of the second addition in about four hours.

In the meantime, Board members Pete Mathis and Steve Craw were opening up the cabin, the work area and the lumber storage area. Board members, Billy Wayne Abernathy, Anne Montgomery and others were setting up tents, chairs and tables for the nurses and registration. Board member Chris Lemons was providing 100 warm sausage and biscuits and gallons and gallons of hot, black coffee with all the fixings. Board member, Linda Hall,supplied red warning flags and armbands to our safety folks who made sure no one was injured by falling debris  or big machinery. The nurses, Teresa Wood and Julie Fellers, pulled out splinters and patched a number of scratches, but only one injury required additional care. Sam Craw was helping his father remove the staircase from between the buildings when a board came loose throwing him down on his on his back on a pile of rocks causing bruising, but an X-Ray showed no  broken bones. Clint Maynard, after working five days doing construction was putting up scaffolds and tear off the north end of the roof. Charlie Malone and Nord Patterson were removing all the plywood covering the windows and removing the windows.

The Cave Spring United Methodist Church was well represented with Pastor John Page removing lumber while his wife Stacy and daughters Kasana and Marisa were pulling nails from the hundreds of boards as they came off the cabin. John Johnston, a spritely 69 year old, was at the ridge of the building removing 5 layers of shingles including tons of original wood shingles as was 67 year old Terry Lemons. Curt Burch found one shingle that had been stamped with a company name that we hope to research. He worked two days in some of the most difficult spots removing siding and flooring. John House had provided our large food tent and then worked in the grime removing lumber until he was covered in sweat and soot. Friends Larry  and Ann Gore drove up from Powder Springs to help move lumber and be on the safety team. Doyle Albritton and Tony Elicker represented the deaf community extremely well as they put in two days of hard work in some of the roughest areas with their good friend Eric Whitworth working along side them every step of the way. It was great seeing Lydia Trimble and her husband Ralph (my colleague from “Floyd College”) helping move lumber. Annie Shields who is reconstructing a 150 year old African American church in Texas valley brought her documentarian from Los Angeles to film a great deal of the process since some of the cabin materials will be recycled in their project.

David Stiles came all the way from Dallas, Texas to get a proper workout as he moved scaffolds and shoveled debris in the dumpster provided through Larry Hesterly. Randy Williams and his sister Susan cooked 25 gallons of Brunswick Stew that fed everyone at lunch. The smell of the wood fire and the stew cooking certainly was an incentive to work harder. Eddie did the important work of stirring the stew for 4 hours to prevent it from scorching. Former President, Peggy Allgood, provided water and other drinks  as did Linda Hall and others to help keep everyone hydrated. 

A small army of folks, Mike Atkins, Glenda Williams, Gola Burton, Lori Posey, Timothy Reeves, Shawna Rocka, Nell Mc Cain, Edda Hood, Eric Gresham, Haydon Yoder, Mike Ragland, Christy Stansell, Joseph Grigsby, Sandra Lindsey, LeAnn Watson, Stan Watson, Jan Musick, Kenneth Grindstaff and others who did not sign our register were removing siding, pulling nails, sorting lumber, stacking in wood bins. Let me know who is left off this list. I know there were many others working but did not get their names written down. A prodigious amount of work was done in 8 hours by volunteers that would have cost the community thousands and thousands of dollars if we paid someone to do it. At the same time, we had great camaraderie and a shared experience that will last a life time. There was not an ill word uttered all day. “What can I do now?” And “Can I help” were the by words for the day. A glorious day for the citizens of Cave 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 1810 Vann Cherokee Cabin to be Unveiled at Community Work Day

Cave Spring, GA — The Cave Spring Historical Society invites the public to join the Cave Spring community for a work day to unveil the 1810 Vann Cherokee Cabin on Saturday, April 11, 2015.  
The Vann Cherokee Cabin was originally discovered beneath the dilapidated structure of the Green Hotel five years ago by a local citizen. Hotel rooms had been added to the cabin obscuring the original structure. After extensive research, the two-story, hand-hewed log cabin was verified to be built in 1810 by Avery Vann of the Cherokee Nation.
The structure is officially recognized as a historic place by the National Park Service. Additionally, the Trail of Tears Association officially recognizes the cabin as being located on the Trail of Tears.
Volunteers are asked to meet on Broad Street at the Cave Spring Square at 8 a.m.  Volunteers should wear gloves and bring hand tools for the demolition of the dilapidated structure outside the cabin.  
“The cabin needs a lot of work, but is in relatively good shape,” says Michael Burton, President of the Cave Spring Historical Society. “We are excited to unveil the historic cabin and hope to raise enough funds to restore the structure and open it to the public by next June.” The society’s goal is to fundraise $50,000 for building restorations.  
The Cave Spring Historical Society was originally formed to save and restore historical buildings in Cave Spring’s Rolater Park. The society along with local citizens continue to work together to protect and preserve historical buildings in Cave Spring. 
For more information about the cabin unveiling and community work day, contact the President of the Cave Spring Historical Society, Michael Burton, 770.748.8542BurtonMik@mac.com.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Press Release

Press Release

President’s Message
Welcome to the Cave Spring Historical Society Newsletter
In 1975, a small group of local artist and other lovers of beauty met and formed this
organization. They had been disturbed by the deterioration of several abandoned historical
buildings in lovely Rolator Park. They enlisted Diane Dawson, who was a local dynamo, to
spear head the renovation. First, they needed funds so they started the Cave Spring Arts
Festival which has now been active and popular for 40 years. Then they searched for Grants.
No Federal monies, State monies, Foundations were readily available. So what could they do
in a town of 900 citizens and no millionaires? They rolled up their sleeves and asked for
volunteers who wanted to be a part of a community action. Hundreds of people gave sweat
equity and worked thousands of hours so that you and I can enjoy these buildings featured in
this site.
Five years ago an observant citizen noticed a log cabin hidden inside an old dilapidated hotel
building. Since then it has been verified that this two story building was built by the Cherokee
Indians in 1810. It has been researched and documented for five years and again dollars are
not raining from the sky so the organization is asking for the community to again come
together and remove the dilapidated building that is hiding the treasure. We are seeing history
repeat itself. Come to Cave Spring and see what a determined citizenry can do with their own,
“blood sweat and tears.”
We’ve heard about community barn raising. Well, on April 11, 2015, the City of Cave SpringGeorgia under the auspices of the Cave Spring Historical society will have a Cabin revealing.
Five years ago an observant citizen, noticed something strange under the dilapidated clap
boards of an abandoned hotel. Five years of extensive research has verified that there is a two
story hand hewed log cabin built by Avery Vann, upstanding citizen of the Cherokee Nation, in
1810. Rooms were added sometime in the past 150 years that obscured the cabin structure.
The insides had been remodeled as hotel rooms. It was a huge surprise to even the 100 year
old citizens in our fair town. There had been rumors but they were discounted and now there it
was. Contrary to popular belief, grant monies haven’t rained from the sky, so we have decided
to have a big work day where maybe a 100 citizens: young and old, black and white, deaf and
hearing will come together and work as a team to remove the decaying structure that is hiding
the “diamond in the rough.”
We know this can be done because 40 years ago the historical society was formed to save
three abandoned buildings that were deteriorating in beautiful Rolator Park in our fair city. They
raised money through art festivals and through lots of sweet equity the Society and the citizens
of Cave Spring came together and saved these buildings from certain destruction and turned
them into beautiful, functional, historical buildings that you and I can enjoy. The historically
significant, Presbyterian Church, was donated to the Society for preservation. Again volunteers
came together to build a back porch close to but not attached to the historical building and
added two restrooms and a storage room so that the desanctified building could become an Art
Gallery to be enjoyed by visitors to our beautiful community snuggled in the foothills of
Northwest Georgia. Take a Saturday, April 11th to visit us and drink from our spring waters
judged best in Georgia on numerous occasions. While you are here you can picnic in the park
and enter our intriguing cave and on yeah, you can help us remove old boards and plaster and
expose what will in a short time be a tribute to our heritage and to those native Americans who
called our fair village home for hundreds of years.

March 29, 2015
Michael Burton
President of the Cave Spring Historical society
770-748-8542, BurtonMik@mac.com

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Cave Spring Historical Society Newsletter: Member Colt Chambers

Cave Spring Historical Society Newsletter: Member Colt Chambers: Member Colt Chambers Cave Spring Historical Society Board  has been invited to speak at the University of Georgia  on March 24, 2015 to the ...

Member Colt Chambers

Member Colt Chambers Cave Spring Historical Society Board  has been invited to speak at the University of Georgia on March 24, 2015to the school's Career and Life Planning class. Colt was invited to speak about his vast experience and background in Nonprofit leadership and development.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

CSHS Open Meeting at the Hearn Inn

CSHS open Meeting at the Hearn Inn - 6:00 March 23,2015, Monday
Everyone Invited. Come learn about the stupendous Cabin work day.
Jobs for everyone. Taking off tin, stacking lumber pulling nails, cooking stew, safety marshall,
first aid.
This is a community event!!
Join us for the planning. We will assign Crew Chiefs for different activities.
Talk about and see examples of tools needed.
Demonstration of hewing a log with a broad ax.
Support the cabin with your sweat equity and/or by becoming a member ($20.00)
Don’t miss this once in a lifetime event. You can tell your children, grandchildren and even great
grandchildren that you participated in this momentous event.
Show the world what the people of Cave Spring can do.
Everyone invited - young and old, male and female, black and white, deaf and hearing.
Let’s see some community spirit.
Interpreter provided for the Deaf.
It’ll be like an old fashioned barn raising but in reverse. We will remove the dormers from the
front half of the cabin and separate it from the “Old Hotel”.
We’re going to make Cave Spring hum. If you’re not humming then get out of the way.

Mike Burton

Monday, March 9, 2015

Message About The Vann Cabin From President Mike Burton

We had a great morning S Pretty weather and good spirits at the cabin.  FCCI workers did a great job of cleaning up the area behind the cabin under the supervision of Michael Long, Assistant Warden. I was impressed with the alacrity of the workers as they put all bricks on palettes and wrapped them in plastic.  All lumber was put on a trailer and moved to dry storage and rotten lumber was disposed of. Board members, Pete Mathis, Steve Craw, Ann Montgomery, Chris Lemons, Billy Wayne Abernathy made the work go smooth by opening up the storage area and the cabin area and assisting workers to load and store wood. Thanks. Terry Lemons was critical as he backed the trailer into the places where it could be most effectively used.We are ready for the KSU project as soon as we can move the bricks out of the  cabin yard to a storage area. Hope we can do that before the coming rains. Mike

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

Work Day

It is nasty today but the prognosticators predict dry weather for the next two says, so Michael Long and I are scheduling a workday Saturday, March 7 at 8:00 AM. Michael will have a number of workers and a trailer full of pallets. 

Pete and Diana are working on getting the bricks and lumber stored temporarily at the old lumber yard.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible there with your brogans and work gloves so that we can have the cabin yard neat and clean by noon for the community and our KSU compatriots.

Rest during the rain so you will be froggy Saturday.

Michael Burton
Scout Master, Troop 20
Cave Spring, Georgia

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Monday, February 9, 2015

GaTOTA E-Newsletter.

Below please find the Feb. 9, 2015 issue of the GaTOTA E-Newsletter.
NEXT REGULAR MEETING: March 14, 2015, 10:30 am at the University of North Georgia, Dahlonega.
Guest Speaker : Walter J. Knapp, Instructor of Native American Culture and History at the University of North Georgia, and a member of the Georgia Trail of Tears Association.
Topic: Successes and Challenges for Native Americans Today and the Future.
APRIL 11, 10:30 AM: Georgia Chapter Board Meeting
MAY 9, 10:30 AM: Chapter Meeting at Bandy Center, Dalton State University, Dalton, GA. There will be a tour of the facility and a review of the documents stored there. Guest speaker will be Dr. John Fowler, Director.
JULY 11, 10:30 AM: Chapter Meeting in Fannin County. Place, topic, and Speaker TBA.
AUG. 8, 10:30 AM: Georgia Chapter Board Meeting
Sep. 12, 10:30 AM: Chapter Meeting at Kennesaw Mountain National Battle Park, Kennesaw, GA. Topic is Cherokee and the Civil War. Guest Speaker will be Robert Jones.
OCT. 5-8: 20TH Annual TOTA Conference & Symposium, Cape Girardeau, MO.
NOV. 14, 10:30 AM: Chapter Meeting at Funk Heritage Center, Waleska, GA. Topic will be the Wal-Mart Excavations, and the Guest Speaker will be Dr. Joe Kitchens. IMPORTANT! THIS IS ALSO ELECTION OF OFFICIERS. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND.
Three 4 week sessions begin Feb. 24th in Dalonega; Feb. 25th in Cumming; and Feb. 26th in Gainesville. The classes run from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The first session is called “Origins.” Chapter member Walter Knapp teaches the courses. For more information contact the University atwww.ung.edu/ce.
Member Linda Geiger reports that There is still space left in the course, The Five Civilized Tribes, Their Records and Where to Find Them, at the Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research (IGHR) at Samford University in Birmingham, Ala., June 7 - June 12. The IGHR website ishttp://samford.v1.libguides.com/ighr and specifics about this course can be found at http://samford.v1.libguides.com/ighr-course6.
Women’s Work: A Survey of Handmade Textiles from Cherokee County
The Cherokee County History Museum is hosting the temporary exhibit from January 14 until May 16, 2015. The exhibit celebrates the craftsmanship and artistry used by the women and men of Cherokee County to create these local heirlooms. The exhibit was inspired by John Brooke and Sherree Sawyer when they stopped by to show us woven coverlets made by their ancestors in the late 1800s using thread from the Fincher mill in Waleska.
The textiles displayed include household items such as quilts, coverlets, crocheted bedspreads and tablecloths, decorative doilies and pillowcases, etc. Handmade clothing is also featured, including women’s blouses, bonnets, chemises, pantaloons and aprons from the 1800s, several heirloom christening gowns, baby booties, and girls’ dresses from the 1920s. Skills used to produce the textiles include spinning, dyeing, weaving, sewing, quilting, embroidery, tatting, crochet, knitting, leather work, and even a hat and purse made from cornhusks.
Special recognition is deserved for the committee members who helped gather, document, and display the items for the exhibit: Jennifer Bagwell, Donna Cain Callahan, Carme Stone, and Fran Whitfield. As committee member Jennifer Bagwell explained, "To be able to show the handiwork of our ancestors and current Cherokee Countians is truly a privilege. This exhibit is our way of honoring those people from our past and admiring those that are living today."
The exhibit will run from January 14 until May 16, 2015 and will be located in Suite 140 of the historic marble courthouse. The museum is located at 100 North Street, Canton 30114 and is free and open to the public. The operating hours are Wednesday-Friday from 10 to 5pm and Saturday from 10 to 3pm.
The Cherokee County Historical Society:
Is currently requesting nominations for the 2015 Historic Preservation Awards. Historic sites or structures must be at least 50 years old, and should exhibit outstanding success in historic preservation. Recently rehabilitated properties or those that have been carefully maintained over the years are eligible and the owners are encouraged to apply.
The Cherokee County Historical Society recognizes businesses and individuals for their achievement in historic preservation at the annual Preservation Awards Banquet, which will be held at the Northside Hospital Cherokee Conference Center at the Bluffs on Friday, March 20. The awards are given to encourage and educate the community about the benefits of protecting Cherokee County’s unique history. Properties are judged by the attention given to preserving historic features, and maintaining the integrity of initial design. Nomination forms and a list of previous winners are online at http://www.rockbarn.org/awards-2/. Nominations should be received by March 2. For more information please call 770-345-3288 or contact sjoyner@rockbarn.org.
The Cave Springs Historical Society Board held its meeting Jan 26, 2015. Click the link below for more information.http://cshistoricalsociety.blogspot.com/…/the-cave-spring-h….
NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE HIKE: Sunday Feb. 15, 2015, 2 PM - 4
Lithia Springs, GA. Join us for a two hour moderate hike focusing on the first inhabitants of our area, the Native American Indians, as we explore the eastside which will include a visit to the “Indian Cave.”Meet at the Visitor’s Center. REservations recommended.
NATIONAL PARK SERVICE, http://www.nps.gov :
Chickamauga & Chattanooga: DEMAND FOR BLOOD. Feb 14, 2015
Location: Moccasin Bend National Archeological District.
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 Pm
Fee: Free
Contact Name: Chickamauga Battlefield
Contact Phone: 706-866-9241
NEXT E-NEWS BLAST: _ Feb. 23, 2015. Happy Valentines Day. wjk

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Cave Spring Historical Society Board held it’s January meeting on January 26, 2015.

The Cave Spring Historical Society Board held it’s January meeting on January 26, 2015.  Future Board Meetings will be on the fourth Monday of every month at6:00 PM in the Hearn Academy. Everyone is welcome to attend but of course only board members can vote.The March meeting

The following Committee Chairs were selected:
Cabin Committee: Steve Craw with Jerry Maschinot as Co-chair
Presbyterian Church Committee: Peggy Highnote
Buildings Committee: Billy Wayne Abernathy
Finance Committee:  Pete Mathis
Newsletter Committee: Steve Craw
Festival Committee: Callie Fricks
Education Committee: Lucy Hale
Development Committee: Diana Haney
Video Oral History: John Johnston
Park Buildings History Research: Billy Wayne Abernathy

Chairs for the following committees are being finalized:
History of CSHS Presidents and Founders
History of Volunteer Building Workers
History of CSHS

As the new president, I felt a society about history should start with itself so that future members and officers can know what was involved in organizing this group and to see the tremendous accomplishments this group has achieved in a relatively short span of time. Not many, if any towns the size of Cave Spring can brag about rehabilitating four buildings of such quality and significance as the Baptist Church in the Park, the Hearn Academy, the Hearn Inn  and the Presbyterian Church. Once you see where they started and what they proudly open to the public now will astound you. It makes me proud to be a part of Cave Spring and this organization.

Michael Burton

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Message From Mike Burton President Of Cave Spring Historical Society


                                                       1.   BILLY WAYNE ABERNATHY 
                                                       2.   COLT CHAMBERS 
                                                       3.   STEVE CRAW 
                                                       4.   CALLIE FRICKS 
                                                       5.   LUCY JOHNSTON HALE 
                                                       6.   LINDA HALL 
                                                       7.   JERRY MASCHINOT 
                                                       8.   MIKE BURTON - PRESIDENT 
                                                       9.   PETE MATHIS - VICE PRESIDENT 
                                                      10. CHRIS LEMONS - TREASURER 
                                                      11. ANN MONTGOMERY - SECRETARY

Board Meeting are Monthly
Membership Meeting Are Quarterly
Dates are  March 23, June22, Sept 21, December 28 2015 
Everyone Is Invited

Just Thoughts: From Mike Burton 
Lets Expose More Of The Cherokee Cabin

April 11 (Saturday) for Cabin Exposure day (Friday will be preparation and Sunday Clean up)
• Need catchy title: “Expose the Cherokee Cabin”, “Cabin Coming Out”, “Unveil History”, “Cherokees History Uncovered”, “Mystery Cabin Unveiled”,
 Contractors Randy Williams, Gerald Green, Jesse Hamrick  have all tentatively volunteered to be Crew Chiefs. 

Need volunteers for coffee and sausage and biscuits for workers (or let Church group do it for fund raiser?)
Another crew for making stew for lunch free for the public and workers.
How to say this with out being sexist? Ladies are welcome on work crews at the cabin etc. Let me know where you want to be working? Unfortunately for me, I don’t know your interest.

Billy Wayne document event with pictures.
John Johnston document with video
Steve and Laurie Craw in charge of PR - Press releases to all major news outlets local and Atlanta (Plus phone calls?)
Colt Chambers - Hit social media hard - FB, twitter, Web maybe scavenger hunt (Billy Wayne and I will blog leading up to the event.)
Steve, John and I will create and distribute News Letters.

Steve Craw will talk to City Hall about blocking road.

Pete Mathis manage the nail pulling crew (4-6 people) and material removal (Load tin on one trailer and lumber on second trailer.)

Start work at 8:00 AM. Four people on back roof. Two people on front roof. Two people on each dormer.
1:00 PM second shift. (Chimney secured on Friday)
Two people on each side of roof cutting into decking and removing. Second crew of two to cut ceiling joist and remove. Third crew to cut floor on Hotel side and remove floor and cut floor joint and remove.
Simultaneously, another crew of four securing and covering cabin roof. Repair any bad places and place OSB where needed and cover with tarp.

Wood shingle event? Dewel Lindsey and Dewey Bailey, 

Blacksmith making Froe event?

Researching accepted wood preservative - Lucy Hale

March Membership meeting open to community including all volunteers to explain Cabin concept and work project. Perhaps in school auditorium. Sign up new members and express CSHS vision. Sign up volunteers for the work teams.

Jerry Maschinot has beautifully expressed a concept that is appealing to me.  A tranquil green space with benches, walk ways (repurpose old brick), flowers etc with the cabin as a central focus place with historical plaques explaining the history of the Cherokee and honoring their heritage and how it includes the history of Cave Spring. Perhaps a fountain and bronze sculpture?

[I love old buildings as evinced by my trying to save several single handedly and the Hotel certainly meets the criteria, but it would take a great deal of money to restore it. What would it be used for? A learning center? is that practical?  An elder hostel for hikers etc.? Great idea but expensive. Biggest concern is how it relates to and detracts from cabin vision as Jerry and others have expressed. Just thinking. We need a meeting dedicated to the Hotel’s future.]

Another idea:
Perhaps with DDA and City Hall assistance we can create a small stage area by berning the side next to Love Street. This could be modeled on the Cedartown venue although on a smaller scale.This would allow for small music venues, activities like candle light services, outdoor meetings, celebrations of holidays, small theatrical events. 

                Everyone Is Invited To Help            Contact Any Board Member For Information
Let The  Excitement Build!

Friday, January 16, 2015

New Cave Spring Historical Society President

I am now starting my first year of office as the new Cave Spring Historical Society President. Our first board meeting was full of enthusiasm, vim and vigor to get a lot of good things done for Cave Spring. I appreciate all the work the past two Presidents, Peggy Allgood and Diana Haney have done to make the "Society" a viable, healthy organization. I will be contributing to this blog on a regular basis to keep you up to date on our activities and planned goals.  Michael Burton

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Welcome to Cave Spring Historical Society Newsletter

Coming soon a newsletter from the President Mike Burton and Chairman Of Committees and other board members.