Saturday, January 24, 2015

Message From Mike Burton President Of Cave Spring Historical Society


                                                       1.   BILLY WAYNE ABERNATHY 
                                                       2.   COLT CHAMBERS 
                                                       3.   STEVE CRAW 
                                                       4.   CALLIE FRICKS 
                                                       5.   LUCY JOHNSTON HALE 
                                                       6.   LINDA HALL 
                                                       7.   JERRY MASCHINOT 
                                                       8.   MIKE BURTON - PRESIDENT 
                                                       9.   PETE MATHIS - VICE PRESIDENT 
                                                      10. CHRIS LEMONS - TREASURER 
                                                      11. ANN MONTGOMERY - SECRETARY

Board Meeting are Monthly
Membership Meeting Are Quarterly
Dates are  March 23, June22, Sept 21, December 28 2015 
Everyone Is Invited

Just Thoughts: From Mike Burton 
Lets Expose More Of The Cherokee Cabin

April 11 (Saturday) for Cabin Exposure day (Friday will be preparation and Sunday Clean up)
• Need catchy title: “Expose the Cherokee Cabin”, “Cabin Coming Out”, “Unveil History”, “Cherokees History Uncovered”, “Mystery Cabin Unveiled”,
 Contractors Randy Williams, Gerald Green, Jesse Hamrick  have all tentatively volunteered to be Crew Chiefs. 

Need volunteers for coffee and sausage and biscuits for workers (or let Church group do it for fund raiser?)
Another crew for making stew for lunch free for the public and workers.
How to say this with out being sexist? Ladies are welcome on work crews at the cabin etc. Let me know where you want to be working? Unfortunately for me, I don’t know your interest.

Billy Wayne document event with pictures.
John Johnston document with video
Steve and Laurie Craw in charge of PR - Press releases to all major news outlets local and Atlanta (Plus phone calls?)
Colt Chambers - Hit social media hard - FB, twitter, Web maybe scavenger hunt (Billy Wayne and I will blog leading up to the event.)
Steve, John and I will create and distribute News Letters.

Steve Craw will talk to City Hall about blocking road.

Pete Mathis manage the nail pulling crew (4-6 people) and material removal (Load tin on one trailer and lumber on second trailer.)

Start work at 8:00 AM. Four people on back roof. Two people on front roof. Two people on each dormer.
1:00 PM second shift. (Chimney secured on Friday)
Two people on each side of roof cutting into decking and removing. Second crew of two to cut ceiling joist and remove. Third crew to cut floor on Hotel side and remove floor and cut floor joint and remove.
Simultaneously, another crew of four securing and covering cabin roof. Repair any bad places and place OSB where needed and cover with tarp.

Wood shingle event? Dewel Lindsey and Dewey Bailey, 

Blacksmith making Froe event?

Researching accepted wood preservative - Lucy Hale

March Membership meeting open to community including all volunteers to explain Cabin concept and work project. Perhaps in school auditorium. Sign up new members and express CSHS vision. Sign up volunteers for the work teams.

Jerry Maschinot has beautifully expressed a concept that is appealing to me.  A tranquil green space with benches, walk ways (repurpose old brick), flowers etc with the cabin as a central focus place with historical plaques explaining the history of the Cherokee and honoring their heritage and how it includes the history of Cave Spring. Perhaps a fountain and bronze sculpture?

[I love old buildings as evinced by my trying to save several single handedly and the Hotel certainly meets the criteria, but it would take a great deal of money to restore it. What would it be used for? A learning center? is that practical?  An elder hostel for hikers etc.? Great idea but expensive. Biggest concern is how it relates to and detracts from cabin vision as Jerry and others have expressed. Just thinking. We need a meeting dedicated to the Hotel’s future.]

Another idea:
Perhaps with DDA and City Hall assistance we can create a small stage area by berning the side next to Love Street. This could be modeled on the Cedartown venue although on a smaller scale.This would allow for small music venues, activities like candle light services, outdoor meetings, celebrations of holidays, small theatrical events. 

                Everyone Is Invited To Help            Contact Any Board Member For Information
Let The  Excitement Build!

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