Monday, March 9, 2015

Message About The Vann Cabin From President Mike Burton

We had a great morning S Pretty weather and good spirits at the cabin.  FCCI workers did a great job of cleaning up the area behind the cabin under the supervision of Michael Long, Assistant Warden. I was impressed with the alacrity of the workers as they put all bricks on palettes and wrapped them in plastic.  All lumber was put on a trailer and moved to dry storage and rotten lumber was disposed of. Board members, Pete Mathis, Steve Craw, Ann Montgomery, Chris Lemons, Billy Wayne Abernathy made the work go smooth by opening up the storage area and the cabin area and assisting workers to load and store wood. Thanks. Terry Lemons was critical as he backed the trailer into the places where it could be most effectively used.We are ready for the KSU project as soon as we can move the bricks out of the  cabin yard to a storage area. Hope we can do that before the coming rains. Mike

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